Q&A with Daria: “How do I keep going when the people I’m helping don’t get it?”

Have you ever felt frustrated that people aren’t hearing your message?  Maybe, like the members and fans of the Global Institute for Awakening, you tend to be creative, visionary, or intuitive.  You may work as a consultant, coach, teacher, or healer.  You can easily see a higher-potential way of doing things…  but the people you work with don’t always get it.  Ugh.

From time to time it can be hair-tearingly frustrating to be out in front of the crowd, seeing what they don’t see… yet. It’s a wonderful gift to have the vision to solve problems, but sometimes it feels like a burden.  Then again, you can’t give up.  You can feel your motivation and mission bubbling up inside you, and you know you’ll be miserable if you don’t listen to it.

Instead of tearing your hair out, what can you do when you get frustrated — before you burn out?  The #1 concept we teach here is that you can change the world by changing yourself.  This is great news because truly you CAN ONLY change yourself.  Here’s one way you can shift out of the frustration:  retreat back to your favorite recharging place and contemplate your raison d’etre — your reason for doing what you do.

Knowing your vision, your message, your mission, and most importantly, your WHY, can carry you through your down moments.  Knowing these four items will help you move FAR in life, and quickly.  It will make it easier for you to help heal the world.

For a great example of this, I highly recommend you read the brand new book, “Smart Women Know Their WHY: The Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change In the World and… Make Big Profits!” by Sheri McConnell, my wonderful business coach this year.   I chose her because she’s one of us:  super-creative, intuitive and has a message about business and taking action to change the world that few people are saying.  Get your copy on Amazon with the book link above.

Know Your Vision, Message, Mission and WHY

Here’s the core truth of this situation, and the key to solving it:  when people you are working with don’t get it, some part of YOU actually doesn’t get it.  Remembering your vision, message, mission and why helps YOU to “get it” again.  It helps you remember why you are doing what you are doing.  It pulls you out of the details and frustration and realigns you with the highest Potential of the situation.

If you don’t have these important points written out for your life, your family-raising, or your business, take a stab at them right now.  Answer these questions:

Raise Your Sights:  Your Healing Vision
What positive potential do you see that precious few others can see?  What change are you inspired and driven to make in the world?  How can you see people as empowered in the future?  What problem do you know you can solve?  (As an example, I see people as powerful healers of themselves and others, and as having MUCH more ability to change their lives for the better than they think!)

Speak Your Truth:  Your Healing Message
What information do you want to share with people?  If you could make people understand one thing, what would it be?  (My message: “You are a powerful healer, and to change the world, all you must do is awaken to your potential.”)

Make It Happen:  Your Healing Mission
How are you carrying this out in the world?  Are you a painter?  A journalist?  A consultant?  A mother?  What do you do everyday to make your vision come true and communicate your message?  (I’m clearly running a community of people who want to awaken their inner healer and change the world!  I also have a private practice working 1:1 with powerful creatives who can heal the world.)

Motivate Yourself:  Your Healing WHY
At the core of all these things is WHY you do them.  It’s easy to step out of your ego and get going again when you think of the people you are here to help and the pain you can help them move past.  It’s common to have different motivation in different areas of your life.

For instance, you may simply have been born with a gift or talent or insight that you love to share with others out of pure joy.  If so, you are a Creative Healer, creating healing out of nothing.

Perhaps a difficult experience in your early life motivates you to help others solve a problem that you once had.  If so, you may be a Wounded Healer, transforming your pain into so much more positive change.

Perhaps you are having fun mocking the establishment and helping people see the old, stuck ways are not what they thought they were.  If so, you may be a Trickster Healer.

For me, I do this because I can feel it bubbling up inside me.  I know this is what I was born to do, and I feel a divine obligation and joy in fulfilling that mission and glorifying Potential in the Universe by reaching beyond my comfort zone for my highest Potential.  My private practice comes from wounded healing — helping other high-level creatives, intuitives and healers deal with their gifts and successfully fulfill their big life missions.

I know you are a healer, full of solutions.  Sometimes others can’t see them.  Take a moment to step out of your ego and recharge yourself with your divine vision, message, mission, and reason why. Be sure to check out Sheri’s book while you’re at it!!