Joke: The wheelbarrow competition

At a 10-day spiritual work retreat, volunteers from all over gathered to build a village in a poor country.  

One young man enjoyed showing his strength and was put in charge of the wheelbarrow.  As the first day progressed, he began bragging.  The next day he began challenging people to competitions of strength. 

One woman noticed the volunteers around her getting frustrated with the young man’s attitude. 

At lunch she loudly called the young man over to her and said, “Hey, I know you think you are super strong, but if I can haul something in your wheelbarrow over to that first house that you cannot haul back, will you work in silence for the rest of the retreat?”

The young man guffawed loudly and took the bet.

With a crowd of onlookers gathering, the two of them walked over to the nearby wheelbarrow.  The woman put her hands on the wheelbarrow’s handles and looked at the grinning young man.

“Ok, muscles,” she said.  “Get in.”