FREE AUDIO: What makes YOU a healer?

Speaker: Daria Boissonnas, Founder of the Global Institute for Awakening

Did you know YOU are a healer?  In fact, each one of us is a natural born healer. That means you have a unique gift or way you can reach for Potential, a greater way of being, that can improve and change the world.

How can you awaken your natural Inner Healer? How can you successfully activate your gift to change the world? How can you learn to do that with less and less effort, and more and more results? Hear what Daria has to say so you can:

• Discover a deeper definition of healing that opens doors to Possibility
• Understand a common way most healers overlook their greatest gift (are you guilty of this?)
• Learn about Daria’s healing experiences and how she came to see that we are each healers
• Find out what YOU can do to awaken your natural inner healer and bring healing (positve change) through ALL you do.

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  1. I like the concept of disorder to order. That’s a healthy way to look at healing. Thanks for sharing.