5 Facts about Awakening: #4 Your Awakening is calling to you… can you hear it?

You are a spiritual being of consciousness. Your Potential to help, uplift, and heal is unlimited. 

On the other hand, you live in a world with limits, move around in a physical body with limits, and run your life with a limited, logical (emotional) mind.  Your everyday life is very “loud” with deadlines, sensory inputs, and probems. 

Your spiritual being is very “quiet” and subtle.  It can be challenging to connect with, espeically at first.  Your spiritual self can be easy to overlook or forget about in the daily bustle.

But some part of you knows there is more to life than you can see, buy, or measure.  You can likely feel this part of you calling to you.  It becomes particularly noticeable at times we humans tend to upshift our lives:  during life crises, in your teens, around age 28-30, in our forties, and our mid- to late 50s, for instance.  Here’s why:

Every single person on this planet has something important and unique to contribute to the world in a positive way.  Whether you call that your life purpose, your spiritual mission or your blessing, you have a natural ability in some way to bring a better way of being, thinking, and loving into this world.  You have a talent for helping people love to live their lives more.  We each do this in very different ways,  but we each have something crucial to contribute. 

When you don’t get your gift or blessing out into the world, you feel a kind of ache.  Some call this your spiritual calling.  Whatever you call it, if you ignore it, it gets louder and louder until you respond.  It may eventually cause extreme discomfort or crisis in your life until it triggers a response.  Over the years, clients have described their experiences as:

  • Vague dissatisfaction or boredom, even though your life seems pretty darn good on the surface…
  • Feeling cut off, lonely in a crowd, like nobody understands you…
  • A constant search:  new jobs, new classes, new schools, new locations, new partners…
  • An aching emptiness or longing, like a part of you or a close relative has died…
  • Continuous pushback from the world, nothing working out well, feeling like a mess-up…
  • Painful experiences like an accident, illness, death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, finanical failure, etc. that snap you out of your fog.
  • A feeling you should be doing… something… but you don’t know what.

This is your greater potential (some say your higher self) aching to be let out of its box, to do good in the world and help you live a meaningful life that makes a big difference.  This is built into you.  It is your nature and your birthright.  And part of you always is aware of your gifts. 

It’s Time to Walk Forward into Your Potential

Many us can hear our purpose and Potential calling to us, but too few know what to do about it.  The soution is: walk your spiritual path.  Get a move on.  Allow your Awakening to unfold.  Taking the leap will help you find that missing part of yourself.  You will love the results.

Don’t leap blindly, of course.  Leap wisely by learning about the journey and how to read the signs along the way.   Do this, and you will see doors open for you.  You can find a way out of your struggles and into the light again.

You might be able to muddle through this life puzzle, this natural process called Awakening.  Or like I was, you may be really stuck and need some help.  Even if you’re a muddler, some guidance and training can make the journey much clearer, easier, and faster.  You can get that spiritual perspective from a mentor you trust, one who believes in you and who can support you advancing along your own path.  Consider joining Global Institute for Awakening with an annual membership full of guidance and inspiration.

Because it took me so long to find this information and get going on my own path, I offer you everything I’ve learned so far, plus stellar supporting advice from experts in their fields, here at the Global Institute for Awakening.  Take a copy of our free Spiritual Journey Wake-Up Kit with our blessings and no further obligation, in the header bar above.  Check our articles in the Category section to the right.

Without your gift, the world just isn’t whole.  Your spiritual being knows this and you can feel it.  I know this, and I’d love to use my gifts to support you here.

Check back tomorrow for the final fact #5 about your Awakening:  Success comes only from Awakening.