5 Facts about Awakening: #3 It is easier to allow your natural Awakening than to resist it

What would you do if the solution you were looking for — no, an even better one you hadn’t thought of yet — was waiting for you on the other side of an unlocked door?  You’d open the door and walk through, right?

Of course.

Like this door, the process of Awakening brings new solutions into your life.  It allows you to see beyond your current troubles and zap those limitations.  It gives you the steps and the tools you need to expand into your greatest Potential to live a meaningful life and make a difference. 

All you have to do is step forward and open that door.

It can be a bit tricky, however.  Sometimes that unlocked door looks like a difficult task, one you might even label “impossible” at the time.  You may need to let go of something or change your tactics.  It can be stressful, and you may tend to avoid taking action.  But simply by understanding a few facts about your spiritual journey, you can recognize new doors to magical new solutions in your life, and step through them.

Once you understand that it is much easier to allow Awakening and this type of change than it is to resist it, and once you come to trust this fact through your experiences, you will be much better able to push yourself through those doors and into your dreams.  Lots of doors!

Solve the Human Struggle

We’re human.  Our brains are actually hard-wired to be afraid of change, to fear the unknown.  We are wired to prefer predictability and routine.  If we did it yesterday, it will suit today, even if it is painful.  We tend to worry about the future, numb ourselves to pain, and resist change.  You can change this by Awakening.

Most of the pain and struggle in human life comes from resisting our spiritual journey.  It comes from hanging on to things better let go of, ignoring “lessons” and insights, or refusing to change our habits after we do learn a better way.  We suffer when we refuse to get help or ask questions, when we demand that others change first, or we say it doesn’t matter when it does.  That’s our hard-wired, culturally-strengthened human stubbornness, fear of change, and fear for the future at work.

In contrast, our higher or spiritual nature is hard-wired to grow and expand.  It is a powerful force within us that naturally uplifts us into a higher Potential for joy and helping others.  It longs to help, empower, enable, inspire, and heal.  And it shows us new and better doors and solutions all the time, though we aren’t so good at seeing these doors for what they are. 

Awakening means shifting out of our brain’s fear and doubt reaction into an expansive, can-do mindset.  You can do this in your life by learning about the process of Awakening, testing it, trusting it, and practicing stepping forward.  (It does become much easier with practice.)

Are You Spiritually Bound and Tied?

For a thousand years in China they used to bind women’s feet, starting in childhood, to keep them tiny.  Like your higher nature and Life itself, however, is the nature of children’s feet to grow, and it is essentially impossible to stop this growth.  The binding itself was severely painful and so were the resulting deformed feet.  This practice was deemed cruel and finally outlawed in 1911. 

Yet I look around me and see people who have bound themselves spiritually.  Is this not cruel, too?  They restrict themselves with other people’s tiny ideas of how they should be, or they hold back from following their dream.  They do what they did yesterday.  And in doing so, they have stunted their spiritual growth.  This is extremely painful, so they do their best to numb out. 

As humans, we naturally grow and expand spiritually and psychologically our whole lives.  We learn, let go, and move on to learn more.  When we get stuck in our routines, we bind our souls with limitation.  It is painful.  (It distorts your perspective on life, too.  The world seems an ugly horrible place because for you, spiritually, it is.)

On the other hand, when you trust the process of your higher nature and step into that Awakened mindset of expansion, you learn you can create anything you want, now or in the future.  End of fear and worry.  You begin to see there are unlocked doors and solutiosn everywhere.  You just hadn’t noticed before. 

And by trusting the process and opening those doors, over and over, you learn that even when there is some work or temporary pain involved in opening that unlocked door, it is much better on the other side.

It is easier to allow your Awakening process than to bind it in a small-thinking, small-living life.

The human struggle is built into us: an eternal, internal tussle between our greater spiritual nature of possibility, growth, and “yes”, with our limited physical/mental nature of doubt, worry, “not enough”, and “what if…”  

Neither side is “good’ or “bad”, it’s how we are.  The truth is simply this:  to live a happy, productive, meaningful life we must each learn to harmonize our spiritual and physical natures.  We must get them working together.

When we don’t have a process for growth, the suffering can get worse.  Do you know someone who has been thrust on their spiritual path not by a desire to explore their greatest potential to make a difference, but by sudden and devastating loss of some kind: an accident, illness, relationship breakup, natural disaster, death of a loved one, or financial loss?  This type of trauma foces us to look at the areas where our spiritual growth is stunted.  We are forced to figure out what ‘s important in life, to admit we were unhappy, and to find a deeper, more authentic source of joy.

Pain and suffering forces us to make progress on the spiritual journey of Awakening.

Allowing Your Awakening Sets You Free

By starting today to understand and walk your spiritual journey, however, I believe you can avoid potential pain and suffering in the future.  What you need is some basic information about the journey and a daily spiritual practice to keep you moving forward.  (Grab our free ebook in the header above to start, no obligation!  Membership offers a non-religious spiritual practice focus each month.)

Clients and spiritual teachers tell me stories all the time about how it was easier, in hindsight, to move through some challenge that shifted them into a more expansive way of being than it was to stay small and suffering.  It was easier to let go of the avoidance and fears, though they felt no solution was viable at the time, and step onto the path of personal Awakening.  I know this from my own challenging spiritual journey, too!

Walking your spiritual path lets you out of your cage.  Awakening creates healing in your life, even in your body and mind.  Awakening allows you to forgive,  to forget, to stop being so angry or so sensitive, to stop needing ice cream or alcohol or another vacation or that other thing to soothe you.

The natural process of Awakening transforms not only your pain into healing and joy, but helps reduce the struggle of those around you, too.  You become an example for them, a role model, even on an energetic level if you never discuss it with another person. 

I hope you too can see now that it is, in fact, easier to allow your Awakening than to struggle against it.  You are a valuable human being, a work of art in my opinion.  I wish you all the best in unfolding your greatest Potential through Awakening.  Go open that door!

Tomorrow:  Fact #4  Your Awakening is calling to you… can you hear it?