5 Facts about Awakening: #2 Awakening naturally transforms pain and struggle into healing and joy

When you allow and support your Awakening, it not only puts you on top of your game, but positively affects the lives of many others through all you are and do. 

Awakening creates new solutions and options.  It opens new doors, solves the once unsolvable, and makes the impossible possible.  The ever-expanding attitude and skills of Awakening typically bring with them wealth, wellnes, and wisdom in increasing amounts. 

Yet too often we get in our own way and block our Awakening by grasping at what is, holding grudges, holding negative emotions and fearing change, to name a few.  This causes pain and struggle in our own lives, impeding how much we can help others.  It’s our nature to grow and expand, and when we block that expansion, it hurts.

Human doubt and fear of change keep us stuck with attitudes, beliefs and daily routines that don’t support us and allow us to evolve naturally.  We limp along thinking there is no solution, suffering through business failures, difficult relationships, health issues, confusion, lack of direction, or chronic pain from the past.  We doubt ourselves and desist instead of demanding and seeking a solution in the world.

The worst kind of suffering is not knowing what you are supposed to be doing on the planet, not having a purpose, not knowing you are living a meaningful life that makes a difference.  It creates painful indecision, doubt and stagnation.

To make it worse, as we suffer, we misinterpret religious and cultural advice that says suffering is actually noble.  Martyrdom is so 2nd century, people — that’s not what they meant!  That old idea admits that suffering cleanses us.  Suffering and pain do this by overwhelming our routines and assumptions.  Suffering and pain force us to seek our spiritual path again.  Agony helps us finally want to let go and move on, to think bigger and to clean up our act. 

It is actually advancing on the spiritual path of Awakening that is noble.  And it is the gentle growth process of Awakening that provides the relief.

Awakening eliminates fear and doubt.  It brings purpose and meaning.  It creates new solutions and more expansive ways of looking at your life that you hadn’t thought of before.  It creates joy and happiness like you can’t imagine right now.  Awakening gets you to a place where you jumpt out of bed in the morning knowing exactly how to make a difference and contribute to the improvement of the world with everything you do.  And then it takes you even further into bliss.

Why Wait?

You don’t have to wait for suffering and pain to begin to transform your life into healing and joy that you can use to help others.  To get unstuck and on your path again, you just need three things:

1. An understanding of the spiritual journey, its goals, stages, how it works, and what you have to do to succeed brilliantly.  You must learn to recognize and trust phases of your journey, so you can push through that hard-wired fear and walk forward into growth and healing.  (Get a copy of our free ebook in the header at the top of this site for a nice overview with no obligation.)

2. An understanding of your spiritual and physical nature and the Universe and how it all fits together.  Learn to navigate the world well by knowing and trusting the cycles of nature and life, so you can use them to your mutual advantage.  (We teach this in plain language.)

3. A flexible daily practice or routine to keep you moving along the path and to get you unstuck fast when you hit a glitch.  (We teach this too, in our membership benefits.)

Awakening breaks longtime patterns of pain and struggle.  It destroys old baggage.  It heals by its nature, and it awakens your ability to help others heal.  By consciously unfolding your Potential, you become a natural leader and role model for others, just by being yourself.

Are you ready to love your life?  I am personally in a healed place of such joy that I could not have even wished for this earlier in my life.  It’s been a long road, but I’m here to help you walk yours a lot smarter and faster.  If you’d like help transforming your pain and suffering into purpose, meaning, healing, and joy, then check out our membership benefits right now:  http://GIAwaken.com/benefits

Tomorrow, look for our next installment of fact #3: it is easier to Awaken than to resist it.