5 Facts about Awakening: #1 You are never not Awakening

If you are alive, then Awakening is a natural human process you are going through right now.   Whether you are aware of it or not, your Awakening affects the state of your health, relationships, finances, business/career success, emotional state, and your ability to live a great life.

It’s the nature of Life itself to grow and that includes you.  In your childhood, your physical body grows, but throughout your life, you also grow emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.  You grow in knowledge and wisdom.  You grow in your ability to truly, deeply love yourself and others.  You grow in your ability to serve others and give back.  You grow in being able to be happy and at peace with your life.  This natural progression is your Awakening. 

In fact, if you want to reach your greatest Potential to be happy, live a meaningful life, make a difference, and leave the planet a better place than when you arrived, then you want to make steady, quick progress in your Awakening!

As you explore the world and advance through your Awakening, you discover what you love and what you hate, what you are good at and what you refuse to do.  Awakening is also a journey into yourself to discover your unique gifts for the world and then get them out there successfully.  It’s your spiritual journey to have trust and faith so you can let go of past events and other illusory limitations to live a life brimming with wellness, wealth and wisdom.  

Awakening is how you create your dream life.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Yet, when you resist this natural process of your Awakening, you suffer.  Blocked Awakening is largely unrecognized as the main source of humanity’s greatest challenges, problems, senseless destruction, and pain.  

What’s exciting is this:  that means working with the process of Awakening to unblock it and advance it is often missed as a source of effective solutions.  Sometimes downright miraculous solutions.

The more you allow yourself to awaken, the more wealth, wellness and wisdom not only flow into your life, but flow through your life to benefit others.  That means yes, you can change the world by changing yourself.  You can heal the world by healing yourself. 

And you can do anything you want to do better and easier by Awakening.

This is why we are so excited to help our members and fans understand and advance along their personal paths of Awakening.  We don’t tell them what to believe, but we give them the map to their journey, the wisdom and tools to move through trouble spots on the path, plus the inspiration to keep going.

You too can grab a FREE copy our map and guide to Awakening in the header bar above.  There’s no obligation.  Take it with our blessings! 

Then check back here on Monday for the next fact you need to understand about your own brilliant Awakening.

  1. Love this! I am awake when I ask the question WHY because it takes me off autopilot!

  2. Daria,
    Are we ever truly and fully awakened?

    • Linda, I love this question! The answer is paradoxically both yes and no.

      We are a combination of two natures — we have two types of consciousness within us. One is awake and the other is not. So yes, part of our innate consciousness is already awake. That’s the consciousness of possibility and potential, of abundance, wellness, solutions, pure service, unconditional Love, and Truth. This part of us has been called many things over the millennia: our Higher Self, our divine nature, our soul, etc. But it’s difficult to fully access this part of our consciousness. We can reach parts of it through regular meditation or transcendant experiences, for instance, but folks who can do this well and easily are extremely rare. (They are often called gurus, avatars, or spiritual teachers.)

      As we all know, it’s much easier to access our daily, logical, small-minded consciousness of fear and doubt. This part of us is very attached to our limited physical world. It thinks what you see is what you get. This is the consciousness that gets us through our day and gets those bills paid, however, so it’s important. It’s who we are as humans to have this type of consciousness.

      Our spiritual job here on earth is to align our everyday life and mind with our higher, already-awake consciousness. This is what allows us to be as awake as possible in our daily lives. It allows us to create wealth, healing, and wisdom for ourselves and for others.

      The process of learning how to align your daily mindset, buying habits, career, family-raising, and expressing yourself and your natural gifts WITH that awake part of you is called Awakening. In a sense, this task is never done, so that’s the part of the answer that says, no, we are never fully awakened. As most self-improvement or personal growth junkies know, there is always room for improvement! 😉

      But what I’ve learned is that you can create a TON of healing and problemsolving and relief of suffering by moving along your path of awakening even just a little bit! That motivates me a lot to do what I do.

      So yes, part of us is already Awake, but our task of bringing our daily lives and mindset up to speed with that part of us is an ongoing, neverending process. Make sense?