Look how our world is changing for the better: Fashion show for all abillities

Watch this short but inspiring video (link below) about a fashion show for all abilities here in Madison, Wisconsin!  When I was a kid, nonstandard abilities and states were considered embarrassing.  Today we are increasingly celebrating their innate beauty and perfection.

How did the world change like this?  By individuals speaking and acting from their hearts.  One by one — and every one of them counted — family and friends of special people stood up out of compassion and love and said, “No, I love this person and will not send them away or look down upon them.  They are a complete human being having their own life experience.  I want them in school.  I want them to hold a job if they want to.  I want them to live to the fullest like every other human being.”


Never assume you don’t count.  Your power to create change is much bigger than you think.  When a group of people join together with a purpose, they start to build a certain consciousness.  When enough people hold those ideas and that consciousness, it becomes available to the larger group, and eventually to all of humanity.

Here at the Global Institute for Awakening, we too are gathering those who want to build the consciousness of a positive future for humanity.  Will you join us in changing the world?  Check out our membership benefits here.

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