Wall St. Journal writer tries acupuncture: video

Check out this nice WSJ video about a reporter having acupuncture sessions for neck & shoulder pain and sleeping/digestive trouble.  It’s a nice overview and example of an acupuncture session.  (Woo, LI4s and LI11s!)


Must admit I’m disappointed in the journalism… all she could say after a few sessions was that she’s feeling “better”?  Either share your results so we can compare details to what the acupuncturist said, or send a reporter who’s not so shy about her physical issues.  Ah, well, good try.

  1. I love acupuncture. When I had my knee surgery 2 years ago (medial meniscectomy) my acupuncturist came over the day after my surgery and every day for a week. I never bruised after surgery, the swelling was very significantly improved and was able to get off painkillers very quickly. My orthopedist was shocked at how quickly and well I improved after surgery.

  2. Thank you, Sue. Acupuncture is a great way of clearing out and toning up the energy communication systems in the body. Then the information can get where it needs to go more easily and quickly. That allows for faster healing.
    The first time I ever had acupuncture (general session many years ago just to try it out), I walked around in a daze for hours afterwards marvelling. It was like I’d been listening to a radio station with a TON of static my whole life without realizing it, and suddenly the static cleared. Except it cleared from my entire being. I swear colors were more intense, I could hear better and I had a sense of calm I’d not experienced before. Way awesome. It also kept me exploring healing so I could understand what had just happened to me!