Clearing resistance in meditation

I’ve been meditating more and more recently, how about you?  Most of us know meditating can de-stress you big-time and strengthen your ability to hear inner guidance.  But when you sit down, do a million thoughts come flooding into your mind?

Me too!  But still I sit down, and I always learn something.  Practicing dealing with mental interruptions makes it easier each time.  Like going to the gym, but you are exercising your mind.  Mental strength is crucial to unlocking your Potential to heal yourself and the world.

Here’s an issue that came up for me right away in meditation this morning, and the spiritual principles I remembered to help me let it go and sink back into just breathing.

Issue: A struggle to tune out my busy environment out of a fear that I might miss something. I might need to hear that!  I might need to get involved and fix that!  What is making that noise?  This is a long-term pattern for me: I also used to be a pack rat as a child and young adult, too — I might need that some day! 

Let go to flow.  Know and trust that what you need will come to you in its own time.  Right now, I choose to meditate, so I choose to let meditation come to me. 

When you are interrupted with outside sounds, thank and bless what you hear as a great opportunity to exercise letting it go.  Name it and thank it and send it floating away.  (“weird truck-y sound, thank you, let go…”)  Return to watching your breathing.

Fixing is not flowing.  Thinking something can’t be done without me is a form of pride or self-importance. This type of thought actually blocks energy flow!  By seeing something as broken or needing fixing, you judge it and limit its potential.  Fixing something broken can’t get as good results as seeing its highest potential and getting out of the way of it coming to fruition.  Practice getting out of the way by letting go of these thoughts (“fixing, thank you, let go…”) and getting back to meditation.

Bonus: Apply this wisdom elsewhere in your life today.  Let go of something else distracting.  For instance, instead of receiving 20 emails a day (I know that’s not an exaggeration for some of us!) with products and services you don’t need right now but are curious about, let them go for now and seek them out when you really need them.  Or: let go of stockpiling supplies or clothes that you “might need” some day and give them away.  Remain present, figure out what you need to do NOW, and focus on taking that next step instead of wondering about what you might do in the future. 

Did that help?  Happy meditating.  🙂

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  1. this has been a big problem with me this week especially. Now that I am back to taking clients I am so busy I don’t have much time to just kick back and relax and not DO ANYTHING!
    So when I set in meditation I am hearing, call this person, email that person, write this down, I’m doing this next, I need to do that tomorrow, etc etc etc. So thanks for the technique, I will try it. I am always looking for something to help me meditate better, longer.
    Namaste’ Daria