Joke: This guy goes to a healer…

So this guy goes to a healer for help. Right away, the healer notices he has a banana sticking out of one ear.

A carrot is poking out of the other ear.

Green beans, wheatgrass and celery protrude from his nose.

The healer puts her clipboard down.  “I think I know what your main problem is,” the healer says.

“Really? That was fast!” the man says.

“Yes, well, it looks like you haven’t been eating properly.”

Use this joke as a lighthearted reminder to take a look at your own diet.  Choose to change just ONE thing today.  Either eliminate something you know is not good for you, or add something that is.  You can change your life and body ONE step at a time! 

The world needs you.  Thanks for nurturing yourself.