Inspirational Quote: Donna Karan

“My mission in life is to access God’s gift of creativity to inspire, to touch people’s minds, bodies and spirits with love and compassion — to make a difference in this world.”
— Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

Have you written out a life mission statement?  Every person on the planet (including you) has a mission (which is ultimately healing) and a healing message.  Notice that Donna Karan’s is not to make lots of money or live in a big house or make cool clothes for celebrities.  Those are some of the things that happen as she implements her life’s mission.  Your mission is bigger than what you do and even bigger than the results you get.  It’s that thing that makes your heart sing.

How can you take a few minutes today to start writing and honing your mission in life?  If you’re stuck, start with hers: it’s beautifully specific and general.  Edit it to fit your life.  Also jot down how you dream of fulfilling your mission.  Your “how” will evolve through your life, but your mission will stay fairly steady.  (Of course you will get increasing clarity on it.)  Share your mission or dream in the comments below!