Who truly loves you on Valentine’s Day?

Another Valentine’s Day, another day of chocolates, roses, and love, love, love!

Whether you already have all the attention, respect, and unconditional love you want, or you think there’s nobody on the planet that has what you’re looking for, I assure you: there is ONE person in the world who will always be there for you, always… well, if you can find them. (I’ll tell you how in a sec.) 

• This person loves you from the moment of your birth to the moment you leave the planet.

• They support whatever you do with loud applause (no matter how mediocre YOU thought the results were).  Whatever you do is just peachy with them, because YOU did it.

• They love, respect and honor your personal preferences, eccentricities, scars, whims and tastes.  They love how you think.  Whatever or however you think.

• They love and appreciate every cell of your body, your shape, your attributes and your so-called ‘flaws’.  They know you are beautiful and handsome and every adjective you want to be, no matter what anyone else says.

Intrigued?  I’ll warn you now: The trick is finding this person.  Many of us have lost track of him/her, but I’ll help you find them right now.  Then it’s up to you to invite them to play with you and declare their love.  To do this, you need to take a very honest and honoring look at yourself.  Do NOT look at yourself through others’ eyes, which you’ve been likely doing your whole life!

Ready?  Do you know who your biggest fan is?

It is YOU.

Now, now, no grumbling!  When you truly become your biggest fan, you open ALL doors to success and happiness (and charisma!)  I’ve seen it happen.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been encouraged or taught how to love ourselves, how to be our own biggest fan.  We’ve been warned against it: “don’t let that accomplishment go to your head” etc.  Too many wonderful healers go to great lengths to cut themselves down and get in their own way.  We hate the image in the mirror (or that certain portion of it).  We sabotage our divine brilliance, get stuck in fears about what others will think.  We attract attention by failing. And we suffer under the lashes of our own inner critic.

Silly us.  (Silly you!)

HOW CAN YOU allow yourself to love, honor, nurture and support yourself exactly the way you are?  Ask yourself this question right now because when you ask a question you generate the answers. Now all you have to do is find the answer you like (and there are millions to choose from.)

You are a divine being, with a unique message to share with the world, based on exactly who you are and aaaaaaaall your life experiences.  And when you let this message out, when you step into your highest calling, it heals both you and the world.

Best of all, there is NOTHING you need first to fulfill your highest calling.  You are ready right now… because you are perfect, lovable, and delightful (OK, maybe a little cranky sometimes, but even that is cute) just the way you are.

So Happy Valentine’s Day from the one person who loves and supports you the most: YOU.  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

How can you start to love yourself back a little better, starting now?

© 2010 Daria Boissonnas

  1. Thank you… 🙂 This is awesome! Something we all need to know and embrace. Love yourself first, then that love emanates outward. Love, Dude

  2. I’ve always wanted a “biggest fan”. Now I know it can be me! Thank you.