Create your best year ever in 2010

Happy new year!  What are your goals and hopes for 2010?  We at Global Institute for Awakening wish for the best and happiest for you and your spiritual journey in the new year, and we would like to share a powerful exercise for spiritual acceleration.

We’ve put together a short list of bullet points to help you in each of the seven tasks of the spiritual journey. (Be sure you’ve gotten a copy of our 7 Steps to Awakening kit, in the upper right corner of this website.) You can use this list as either an intention-focusing, manifestation tool or as a prayer.  Or go through it as a prayer first, then as a manifestation/attraction exercise.

One pass through took us less than 3 minutes.  To make a hugely positive impact on your year, mark your calendar to do this twice a day for two days in a row, or once a day for five days in a row.

1. As a prayer, begin with your favorite opening, or consider:  “Dear God/dess, please open me to receive your divine grace and guidance right now, this year, and always. Forgive me my attachments and self-limitations, and please…” Then use the bullet points, beginning each with “help me to…

2. As a life-flow or manifestation exercise, watch your breath for a minute, relax and then begin each line with “I choose to…”

• lose all attachments to past events or things
• forgive all judgments of me, by me and by others, and to lose all attachments to those judgments
• lose fearing criticism or harm from others in the future
• lose the benefits I gain from carrying my past troubles around with me, and [please help me to/I choose to] find those benefits elsewhere
• lose all doubt, lose doubting myself, lose doubting my mission, lose doubting my guidance, lose doubting my abilities, lose doubting my power, and lose doubting God
• lose expecting and requiring the world go the way I think or want it to
• lose all fears that limit my healing effect on the world

• know myself wholly, as I am divinely known
• fully love and support myself, as I am divinely loved and supported
• know, trust, and step more fully into my spiritual journey
• fulfill my greatest potential for bringing genuine healing to the world and to myself
• build faith and knowingness in my innate ability to perfectly fulfill my spiritual mission
• appreciate the past and carry only its beneficent gifts with me
• surrender to my healing mission and allow it to guide me forward

“I give thanks knowing this is done. Amen.”

May these and other blessings come your way in 2010.

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