Are you ready for your healing work to abundantly support you? (Oh yes it can!)

You are a healer, and you know it…. you can feel your spiritual mission drawing you, pulling at you, calling.  You’ve taken healing and helping classes, and created a business card.  But even though you hand out your card as often as you can, you can’t seem to make the business work full-time.  Can you feel the pain of other struggling healers like you who have told me:

• I’m stuck at the hobby stage and can’t figure out how to make this a real healing practice.

• I do several techniques well, many of which I’m certified in, but don’t know where to find clients or how to keep them.

• Practically everyone can benefit from my help, but they don’t seem to know it, or understand what I can do for them, or they can’t afford my services.

• I’ve tried everything, but I can’t seem to make enough to quit my day job!

These stuck places are all too familiar to me, too.  They are natural stopping points in the early stages of the healer’s spiritual journey.  It’s easy and all too common to get stuck here, even for a very long time.

What holds you back is missing one piece of information, a spiritual truth:

When you are doing what you came to this planet to do,
when you are expressing your unique gifts and skills,
when you are putting your value-added services out into the world,
then the world will fully, abundantly, and even opulently support you. 

It will in fact return your value to you, multiplied.

Who better than healers to earn money?  I know we are not comfortable with this idea, but stop cutting yourself off from the natural abundance of the Universe.  Who would you like to look up to as an example of properly living on and respecting this planet: a healer who has succeeded, or a resource-exploiting, short-term-thinking corporate type?

Who better than those with healing, helping missions to decide how money is spent, invested, and best donated in the global economy?  I’d rather trust you than many of the folks who run the economy now…

Think about this:  What would you do or have if only your healing practice was prosperous and successful?  Is it something like buying a fancy car to show off to your neighbors, or is it more like:  Eating 100% organic?  Buying an organic farm?  Traveling to holy sites?  Building a green healing clinic?  Founding a transformational retreat center?  Helping more people?

The Universe helps those who help themselves.  And I’ve found that the first step to both financial and spiritual success for healers is figuring out and knowing who you are as a healerYou are a powerful healer with a unique healing message for the world, a specific set of people who are waiting for you to help them, and a way you came to do that

Your success doesn’t have a thing to do with your healing technique or the products you sell.  It has to do with you.  It has to do with remembering who you are and how valuable that is.  It has to do with genuinely and freely expressing your divine value, which truly is priceless, out in the world.

Understanding until you know how you are here to create healing in the world is your first step to prosperity.  (I went down a million blind alleys myself without that key, so I’m delighted to share what I’ve discovered with you.)  Prosperity for healers is founded on a two-way, mutually respectful and loving exchange where your client benefits disproportionately from your work, and so do you.  That’s fair exchange.  (In fact, when you fail to step into the abundance of what you can do… are you holding your clients’ success back too?)

How can you know who you are, and begin to express that in the world?  Take yourself out for a long walk in nature, or go on retreat, or think about it on the bus or train, or discuss it with a healer friend:  what is it you love to do, whom do you love to work with, and how do you want to help people?  Within those answers lies a prolific seed to your success, a seed that can sprout a forest of healing for the world and allow you to model an exemplary, joyfull, stress-free, financially comfortable healing life.

Now go heal.