Q&A with Daria: Am I a healer?

Road in woods med Q:  Who is a healer and how can you tell?  Are healers chosen by God, or is there just something an average person starts to do one day that makes them a healer?  Do healers have certain gifts other people don’t have?

Most of all, how do I know if I myself really am… a healer, and what do I do about it?

A:  These are questions that obsessed me, too, early in my spiritual journey as a healer, and still drive me to seek answers even more deeply, more than a decade later.  Back in the beginning I was feeling the pull, getting strong hints from the Universe that I was a healer, but doubting and feeling very uncertain about it all — after all “healer” wasn’t on the list of recommended careers at the high school guidance office!  I don’t remember my parents ever telling the neighbors they wish I’d grow up to be a healer, either.  😉
After I finally admitted to myself (though it felt rather pompous to think at the time) that I was a healer, then I wondered whether I should do anything special. How could I be a good healer? How could I help others — and myself — heal, at the utmost level possible?
Here is what I have discovered in over a decade of mentoring other healers and helping them to heal so that they could maximize their potential to create healing in the world:
(1) Yes, you are a healer: choose to step into it.  It’s actually true that everyone on the planet has the potential to awaken their inner healer, when and if they decide to. This is not an easy decision, though sometimes it even seems to happen by itself!  It helps to know what’s involved in being a healer as well as to get the support and guidance to do it well.  But so often, healers get in their own way.  We think our technique is what heals and we undervalue what we do and who we are.  Choose to step FULLY into being a healer and learn what that means so you can do it.  (I had to figure all this out for myself: it’s not commonly taught anywhere!  And that’s why I’ve founded this blog and the Int’l Institute for Practitioners of Genuine Healing — to help you fully unleash the master healer within you!)
(2) What you do about being a healer depends on what sort of healer you are and why you’re here.  Learn whether you are: a wounded healer, creative healer, healer to healers, a trickster, etc. You may be different types of healer in different areas of your life, too.  Learn how each type of healer operates and creates healing, and then allow yourself to do that!  Also find out your healing mission, exactly what you came here to do (hint: It will be easy for you!) and step into that, too.


(3) Once you begin to activate your inner healer, understand genuine healing and learn how to move forward along the spiritual path of the healer towards it.  Your natural healing gifts awaken when your inner healer does.  Find out what these gifts are and what suppressing them feels like.  Learn the shape of the healer’s spiritual journey and how to recognize (and get out of) common pitfalls as well as how to move quickly through learning cycles.
Most importantly:  If you are a healer (and of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this!!!), I assure you that the Universe guarantees you can unleash your inner healer and fulfill your unique healing mission.  Nobody can be the healer you are better than YOU.  Nobody else came here with the healing mission you have, and nobody can fulfill it but you.  It may be to heal a single relationship, or it may be to help thousands heal.  Either is equally important as the other, and only you can do it.
And you CAN do it.
Listen to your heart, and find the place inside you that KNOWS and has always known you are a healer. I assure you, it is in there! Then get the help you need to find and implement your mission to maximize the amount of genuine healing you can create in the world.
I love you. Go heal!

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