Q&A with Daria: Was it a sign?

J0433152 You just made a decision that reflects a new level of commitment to being who you are–congratulations!!  Perhaps you decided to sign up for a class in another city, hire a mentor, or end a relationship that isn’t right any more.  It may have been hard, but you’ve finally broken through a barrier, upshifted your life and your understanding of how the world works!  You’re operating on a new level now!

But then something happens….  Your payment is rejected, you lose the mentor’s phone number, or you find a memento of when your relationship was really loving.

What’s going ON?  Is it a sign that you made a mistake?

Or is it a test, to make sure you really meant to upshift?

Too many healers disempower themselves by reading the easy message into what happened: oh, the new thing “wasn’t meant to happen”.  But do you really believe that, do you feel it in your heart?  Or are you just scared, so you use this adverse event as an excuse, as evidence that God, the angels or the Universe said it was better the old way? Things happen, but it’s how you interpret them that’s important.  Life’s meaning can only truly be found through your heart, not your head.  Listen to your heart.

Not the Old Way

The taiji or yin/yang symbol and other spiritual teachings show us that nothing in the world is absolute.  Within the essence of something is also its opposite.  In fact, that’s actually how you first define the new thing, as NOT the old thing.

How do you know you are living at a new level?  Because you are not at your old level.  You are NOT passing the class by, NOT avoiding getting help, NOT holding onto a harmful relationship any more. When you get used to the new level, you will eventually discover its positive attributes and find out what it really means;  but at first, you’re just NOT-the-way-it-was.

So when you have just arrived at a better way of being and something from that old way pops up… what do you do?

People don’t evolve spiritually all at once.  Parts of you reach a new level (not the old level) while the rest of you still feels scared.  This is a “good” kind of scared if you’re going in the right direction, but that still-scared part of you can manifest all kinds of trouble…

Leap Those Hurdles

So here’s a spiritual heads-up for you, healer:  when you reach a new level in life, watch out, because things will come your way that will feel like tests, sometimes right away.

The still-scared part of you will try to backslide, to take it as a sign to give up.  But you don’t have to let it.  If you can feel in your heart that this new level is where you really should be, please consider viewing these challenging events not as signs that the old way was better, but as just a few more hurdles to leap to fully be on your new level.  Perhaps think of them as pop quizzes from the Universe.  And you know the answer.  With a really free mindset, you can even enjoy solving these issues as your new, more powerful self!

As you become more comfy at your new level, it should become easier and easier to leap the hurdles. The parts of you that seem to be resisting will eventually join the party too.

Sometimes we do go in the wrong direction, and realize it later when something contrary happens.  If you aren’t sure if your upshifting decision was right nor not, talk it out with a trusted friend, counselor, or spiritual mentor, or write out all the reasons for and against on paper.  I know you can do this!

  1. I’m meant to upshift. How bad do I want it? …fall down and you just have to get back up! You are a gifted writer Daria. -Joyce

  2. Daria, thank you. This is beautiful, and just what I need to read right now.

  3. Excellent writing, Daria. I love your voice and message throughout!