What’s behind the creative… I mean HEALING process?

In a vivid dream in high school, I read an article I'd written (in the dream) from a newspaper.  It was a great article, on a topic I didn't know much about.  Where did that complete, amazing and well-written article come from in my dream? What magical source produced a great article in an instant, when I had to struggle for a week to write something like that?

I tend to collect clients who are wonderful creative types: writers, painters, fiber artists, musicians, crafty types.  And they are very much healers, too.  They use their creative gifts in healing others as well as themselves.  Me too.  My art is writing.  In the creative process, I find my best writing, speaking, and healing work with clients feels like it comes, not from me, but through me.  I know in my heart that the book I am writing about the healer's path came from somewhere else, but through me.  I could feel the energy of it when I started.  It was my job to put the physical words on top of that energy, like icing a cake. 

Call the Source of creativity what you like — Universal Mind, Source, God, Spirit, my Muse — by any other name, I know it still.  It comes through a connection, which I can sometimes even palpably feel in my body, in my heart area or head or throat.  It is a connection to something indescribable, and when it happens I can feel the information flowing in.  What comes in I know I didn't "think up".  The shapes, feelings and colors of these ideas are soooo delicious, so brilliant and clear, wonderful and satisfying.  Peaceful and grounding.  I can't get enough.  It's divine!

This is the creative process, a connection to the pool of all potential ideas.  As you practice establishing your connection to this Source for creative or healing purposes, you can bring more harmony and order into your life.  When this magic connection happens, there is little hard work involved and the results are brilliant. 

We all crave this connection to Divinity.  I believe this is why we crave art and beauty.  When others perceive this connection in your work, they will feel drawn to read your book, go to your art show, listen to your song over and over, or ask you to work with them to heal.  They want this connection, too.  And this is why there will always, always be plenty of work for artists, intuitives, creatives and healers.

This same process happens in healing.  When you connect to that part of you that is divine and eternal, which happens to be whole, healed, and perfect all the time, then you can "remember" or connect more fully to who you truly are, and healing happens.  Repeatedly making that connection happen is a lifelong practice for any healer — in fact, that's why our businesses are called "practices".

Whether you believe you are are creative or not, I wanted to make sure you'd seen this brilliant talk from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray Love, about the creative process.  Listen as an artist or writer, and then listen as a healer, replacing her words "writing" and "writer" with "healing" and "healer".  I think you will recognize something deep, something familiar… and she explains it so wonderfully!  Let me know what you think.