Q&A: What does seeing double numbers mean?

Question:  Daria, do you know what seeing double numbers all the time means?  I see 22,33,44,55 on clocks every time I look, this after seeing "11" for years.

Daria's Answer:   Isn't it fun?  I sometimes see 10:31 a few times a week.  We could spend hours looking up the meaning of these numbers from many sources, and analyzing when you saw them and what message they could be sending you at that moment, but I approach patterns like this differently.  (Daria different? No surprise there…)

Know this:  Nothing in your life is without meaning.  Nothing is random.  Nothing.  When something catches your conscious attention, it is resonating with an issue that's moving within you, or you wouldn't notice it.  Something that is growing, rising to your attention in other ways, shifting.  Coming or sometimes going.  Double numbers are noticeable.  Pairs all the time are really noticeable.

My question to you in a Healer to Healer™ coaching session would be:  what does it mean to YOU?  What do you think it means, even if you are so uncertain about your answer that you wanted to ask me?  I don't care what anyone else says those numbers mean.  Numerological or dream or animal dictionaries are great places to start learning meaning, but everything also has a unique meaning for you.  For instance, 1+0+3+1 = 5, which means life changes according to Doreen Virtue, but to me 10:31 is my birthday and feels like a little celebration of me from a higher place every time I see it.  So I pause to enjoy and appreciate that.

Your meaning may be similar or completely different from archetypal or symbolic meanings, and that's fine.  Ask yourself this:  What does seeing these numbers really mean to me?  Intuitively, I feel that it's a lovely message for you that you're someone special who can connect with the unseen, the other side.  When you see those double numbers, say "hello" back!  Perhaps sit for a moment and see if you can feel a guide or other beneficent being around you, or hear or feel words.  At any rate, smile and feel the meaning of the message for you.  Let me know how it goes!  db

Do you have another answer for this question?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

  1. I came specially searching for the same answer, but find no one can answer it. It’s really starting to freak me out a bit … I see the time in double digits at least 3 times a day at real minimum … one of them being 22:44, numerous text messages are delivered at that exact time, i have 4 delivered at that time this week alone. everytime i look at the watch it’s double, no matter what time of day. I’ve started showing people around me so they understand that i’m not fibbing about nothing. It’s been like this for the last 3 months. Another incident, last week on my birthday, I had 3 serious incidents happening but luckily with a happy result. 1) attempted break in 2) landed in hospital with leg injury on my bday 3) missed a car accident by inches but had to go flying over a pavement … the funny thing about these incidences are … they are all exactly 2 days and 2 hours apart, all happened at 02:02am, i even have the proof. I can’t bare with it anymore … SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

  2. Natalie,
    Double numbers around you simply reflect a pattern or rhythm or harmony in your life and in your spiritual being. Instead of seeing random numbers, you are seeing doubles, a more organized pattern. You can only perceive this because something within you and your energy system is organizing, trying to come to the surface. It may be your spiritual wakeup call, to figure out what this means and what you need to do to upshift.
    The only reason seeing double numbers would “freak you out” is if you are afraid of what they mean to you. Unfortunately, only YOU know what they mean to you. These numbers have no powers in themselves, they are not out to “get” you or hurt you. They are simply reflections or signposts showing you the rhythms in your life.
    Perhaps you have inherited a belief that signs or omens in general are “evil”. They are not, unless you believe they are.
    Perhaps you believe that you are completely at the mercy of the world around you. I assure you, you are not. This is a common belief in the initial stages of spiritual development. Read some books about the law of attraction or the power of prayer to see what your potential within the Universe truly is.
    Patterns of numbers say “look at me”. So I would look! As I said in the article, the key is: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU? I can’t answer this, but if you’d like help sorting it out, email me.
    Finally, if you are finding that no one outside you can answer your question, I wonder if you are looking for a specific answer, one that you already know inside but don’t want to admit to knowing. If you are not ready to process the answer and move through this spiritually, you will keep looking, more and more frantically.
    I know where you are. I totally get it because I have been there before myself. Many, many times. And my clients have been there. This is spiritual stuckness, the dark night of the soul, and it will run you in unhappy circles until you let go and move through it.
    I’m glad these incidents turned out better than they could have. That also smacks of a spiritual wakeup call. I’d recommend listening sooner rather than later. Know this: If it came into your life, you can handle it — that’s spiritual law. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Best of luck to you, Natalie!
    Much love,

  3. Thank you so much for your reply!
    More since have happened, more ‘messages’ appear day by day and somehow it’s starting to make sense. I am a very spiritual person, always believed highly in my sixth sense as a guide, however never lost my realism in the process. I’m a very ‘black and white’ person. It’s left or right, no middle; yes or no, not maybe. I do believe we receive little messages in our every day to make us aware of our situation or surroundings for any reason they are intended to, US being the transporters of the letters and their meaning to our individualism as we believe things to be true to us, not in general, but personal. Making your statement true, set in different wording.
    I started realizing all this is surrounded by 2’s more often. The previously mentioned all happened 2 weeks prior to my daughters’ birthday. The night before their birthday it all became clear. I had twins (2), 20 days after my birthday 4 years ago (22:44), the second (2) twin was born alive, but passed away. On their birthday, this past Tuesday, I visited her at the cemetery, then decided to drive around the grounds just to clear my mind, during this drive I saw tombstone after tombstone with my mothers second (2) name on, I counted them, there was 20. My father’s birthday is on the 22nd, the meaning to my parents’ connection is still unclear, but I have started the journey to discover the cause, the meaning will follow at the right time that the message is intended to reach me.
    After speaking to a friend about all this, he then told me about studies done where a single surviving twin on occasion has a ‘split personality’, more so from connecting with their lost twin.
    My daughter went to sleep the night after their birthday, later when I needed to take her for her midnight wee, I said out loud, ‘Shante’, which is the name of the 2nd twin who passed, she opened her eyes immediately and said ‘yes’. I went ice cold, I felt her there, then asked if she wanted to tell me something, she replied only saying my fathers name. I left it at that and tucked her back in bed. About an hour later she started crying in her sleep, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. I ran to her and calmed her, then said ‘shante’ again, my daughter opened her eyes saying, ‘shante, shante is here’, I asked where she is, she said ‘shante is home now’.
    For the first time since her passing I felt at ease with her death, a huge weight lifted from my soul. I knew then and there it was time to let go. It all made sense!
    However … the double digits continue, strangely a whole new set of numbers 🙂

  4. Upon reading this all again from top to bottom, I saw something that left me smiling but wondering! … A point proven so so well!! …
    I posted my first comment on 09 April 2009 at 9am, you responded days later, but on my twins’ birthday on 14 April, at 4pm. The time I was at the cemetery, I remember clearly, cause it was 16:16pm.
    Sigh! … I’m starting to actually enjoy the ironic nature of this.

  5. Hi, i’m scared, I need to talk to Natalie very bad. This is serious because I see the double numbers at all times…today I have seen them every time i look at the clock its 5:44 or 7:22, it happened everytime i looked at the clock!!! I have been seeing them for a very long time now also this is not just a one day ocurrence, this has been for months and months now… but I cannot believe that I am the only one, I would really like to talk to you Natalie. Your story sounds to real to mine, tonight I could not fall asleep because as I went to check the clock before I fall asleep, like I always do, it said 11:44… please get back to me…

  6. AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! LOOK AT MY TIME WHAT IS GOING ON!!! 3:33 that was also my room number in college my girlfriends phone ends in 3633, my address as a child was 3334, I am scared i don’t get it, and with the way that I have been feeling lately it is very hard to believe that it is anything good, its just too weird…i dont think that God talks in numbers, I think that it too symbolic and why then would the devils number be 666??? I have been feeling so awful lately because i constantly feel horrrible with myself…I can’t socially communicate with anyone without leaving the conversation feeling like I am a very jaded person, please help Please!!!

  7. Michael my dear, please reread our posts. Natalie’s experience was a beautiful healing and spiritual evolution that allowed her to let go of the fear and finding the spiritual meaning in the double digits.
    Seeing double digits is a reflection of the beautiful spiritual rhythm and flow underlying your life. When you start to see double numbers, you should know you are tapping into that harmony. Congratulations! Choose to let go of the fears so you can explore it!
    Double numbers can indicate a spiritual calling, your higher self calling out for you to notice there is something greater than your everyday experiences. Why are you here? What are your innate, unique talents that you can help heal the world with?
    You are certainly NOT the only one experiencing this, to be reassured. When you create drama and fear, you are simply distracting yourself from what is really going on. Feeling terrible gives you something to notice other than the spiritual message you’re supposed to be getting. Fear and the healer’s ego (oh, look at ME, I’m so weird) is a defense mechanism and I’ve seen it in many healers who are hearing their calling and don’t understand it.
    I totally identify with your pain, however. I was there once myself, and in spades. Now I am here to congratulate you on finding the Healer To Healer site by noticing the double numbers. Let us support you in your spiritual journey, which is clearly calling to you.
    I don’t know why you don’t believe God communicates in numbers. I believe God communicates in all things: we just miss 99.9% of our messages because we aren’t expecting them. That 666 is the number of the “devil” is one teaching of just one of the world’s religions. Other traditions disagree. What would you prefer to hold for humanity: beliefs based on fear or beliefs based on Love?
    To me, 333 is a magical number indicating you have great spiritual support and Goodness surrounding you. When you can calm yourself down, accept your abundant blessings, and listen to what you are being called to do and go do it, your fears will disappear. That is our spiritual journey to wholeness and Love.
    It took me a decade of very challenging personal spiritual exploration and healing to learn this. Please look at our other articles for guidance on your own healing journey.
    Many blessings and much love,

  8. Hi, i’m Christian. I’m experiencing the same thing like Natalie and Michael. I see double numbers most of the time. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 and mirror numbers like 10:01, 12:21. Can someone help me find the meaning of this. Can anyone at least give me or help me find sources where i can research. Thanks.

  9. Hi Daria, Natalie and whom ever is lucky enough to find these posts.
    I just wanted to comment on how helpful all these posts were to me.
    I have researched for awhile about seeing double numbers and found literally hundreds of different meanings for the same things.
    I do believe you have simplified this matter in the best way for the lost and confused individuals looking for a To-The-Point answer.
    It really isn’t as simple as 3 means happiness or 5 means death. I am glad that you leave these matters open to the reader, while still giving something to think about.
    I have had similar experiences for only about 2 weeks now. Seeing 11:11, or 12:12.
    I don’t think there is really a general answer for everybody.
    I very much appreciate Daria’s search yourself approach and want to affirm its ring of truth in my own situation.
    Anybody having the double number “problem” should sit down and realize it doesn’t have to be a problem at all.
    This life is all experience, action and reaction. Any outside influence should be taken into serious and honest consenplation.
    Again, thank you and good luck to all those searching for higher meanings.
    If you search you will find.

  10. I was born 1/11/91, my best friend was born 11/1/1991 (11 months apart). My parents are 11 months apart in age and my brother is 11 years and 11 days older then me. In high school my locker number was 11. The store that I worked at for over a year was the 11th store. And every boy i have ever dated has been born in november (11) or has either been 11 months older or 11 months younger then myself. And every time I look at a clock i see 11 (like 11.11, 1.11, 2.11 ect.) I wasn’t aware of this until a friend brought all of this to my attention and I feel like it means something since all of these things cannot just be random coincidence but I honestly do not know what to make of all of this. Can you help clear some of this up?

  11. Reread the posts above: I know it can take a while for new ideas to sink in. Basically, your life is expressing an inner harmony through numbers that commonly appear to your conscious mind.
    The question is: are you connected to this harmony or not? What does it feel like the numbers are saying to you? Intuitively, it feels like “opportunity, opportunity, opportunity” to me. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities life is handing you, or are you passing them by so that the Universe has to shout louder and louder with these numbers? 😉

  12. but what about this.. its been happening to me for the past three months.whenever, literally, whenever i look at the any clock in my surroundings, even at work, in the computer in my laptop, my own watch, in the airport at the bus, i see different kinds of numbers but doubled such as 11:11, 00:00, 23:23, 13:13, as in always.. 01:01, 04:04..

  13. In Gods realsm, its all good for the christian, one that knows an loves Jesus. The numbers are to communicate to us, some peace, hope, guidance, an helps. Everyone number for us is good. There is only light in God an in him are no shifting shadows. I just need to know what each number means according to God. Some other religions say the numbers are negative, but my God is a God of Love an hope, an he can communicate to his own people threw love, an maybe only he can do this, but he can. May we all know Jesus, an his greatest love for us, in our own personal lives. ;-))

  14. Nino: Yes, the effect can be QUITE strong, it’s really cool! Instead of getting caught up in what the messenger is wearing, however, find the message. What are you ready to do now, what part of you is ready to awaken, what gift are you now ready to share with the world? Then, as Bart Simpson says, “Don’t have a cow, man.”

    Frances: I agree that God is only Light, and that darkness has no innate power of itself. Darkness is only created when something blocks the light, we can only perceive it in comparison to Light. While it is true that certain energies can and prefer to live in only a teeny tiny bit of light (aka darkness), we don’t have to worry about them because their true power is only as strong as their Light. They can only be powerful when you have similar blocks in your life, or are in the kind of darkness called fear, which is a lack of Love. They gain their power simply because you hand it over to them in those states.

    Anyway, there are many numerological systems you can start with to learn the meanings of numbers. I am fond of Dan Millman’s book “The Life You Were Born To Live”, which gives you an ancient numerological system and more.
    Again, my favorite question is: YOU are the one noticing these numbers. What is the unique meaning for YOU?

  15. I have to share this, when my grandmother died, the precise hour, my screen was displaying 1428 and 1502 numbers I never saw at my job, except that hour. She lived at two address during my life 1428 and 1502.
    In April this year I met a man, and since meeting him I see the double numbers all the time. I believe he is my twin soul (going back to something I read) and an answer to a prayer I wrote in 1996. Time will tell, but I enjoy the double numbers, and thank God for the reassurance that all is right, when I see them. Which by the way is two or three times an hour or more during the day.

  16. Ok. So, there this guy, that means alot to me, and number 8. I haven’t assigned the 8 to him. It’s just something very important happened durning 8. In other words, number 8-is him. Everytime i see 8’s all around, i know i know it has something to do with this person, just not sure what it’s trying to tell me. And the other night, i called my mom and she started talking about this person, and started to tell me the “big news”, when the phone line gets caught off. Right when she started off “i had just found out that….” I called her back 5 times, shes not answering. I call then her friend who she was with, and ask her if i can talk with her. Apperently she had been waiting for my call, while i was calling her. The phone didnt ring, even though it rang on my side. I thought it was weird, because nothing like that has ever happened. iT was almost like something was keeping me away from hearing the “big news” about this person. So when we finished talking, i hang up and went to my office…When all of the sudden i look at my cell phone; 8 missed calls- from unknown. “Ok, getting wierder” i thought. Then i was reaching for something, and i see 2 discs together in form of 8! i look on my bookshelf- 2 cups on top of each other. I look at time- 9:28 pm. Internet website- bunch of 8 there. And many more. At that point, i was very curious of what is it trying to tell me? It was like a pile of 8’s jumped at me when i heard the news about this guy. Everytime i have something to do with him-i see 8’s. It has been like this for more than 6 months. How do i understand this? How do i translate it, or look for a meaning? What does all this mean??? I know it means-him! But seeing 8’s all the time is unusual.
    Thank You!

  17. Well,my case maybe different. The whole of this year i have been seeing double numbers,but in style. For instance,00:00 or 21:21..19:19..or 10:10…jus like that….and if i miss that particular pattern is by max 2 digits or 2 digits before. I told my Ex galfriend and my nuu galfriend about it and all what they told me is to wish for something. I can see this pattern min 3 or 4 times a day…infact im writing this msg now because i saw 21:21…Really amazed me. Im actually,male African currently studying Geochemistry in Prague in Czech Republic.
    Please i wud luv to knoo much….im kinda like scared..but not freakin out! Thank you.

  18. Hello,
    My name is Christopher. It has been very interresting reading all the comments. I have as well been seeing interresting numbers, when looking at the time, paying for something, ect. I.e. 11:11, 12:22, 12:21, 10:01, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, ect. I also went to the movie store to rent Ironman, they were rented out. So I didn’t know what to rent, looked around, came across a movie called Next. Didn’t know what it was about but watched it with my son. It’s interresting, my last name was supposted to be Johnson, but my grandpa when he came thru ellis island changed it to Sandberg. Well Nicolas Cages name in the movie is Chris Johnson. Two things are wierd, first, I had been talking about my last name change with a co worker that very day. Second, after watching the movie that night, I went to bed only to wake up suddenly at 3:10 in the morning. 3:10 is my birthday. That is only one of MANY experiences that center around numbers that I have had. I found out the truth about my ex wife and her boyfriend she had been hiding on Dec 22 or 1222. I am facinated by all this , but what does it mean. I am a Christian and Jesus is my ALL, but the bible doesn’t talk about it. I know there is alot of symbolism in the bible and God created numbers and uses them alot in the bible. Any answers????

  19. Hey, my name is Mary and I know 100% that seeing 11,22,33,44,55 are all signs from God. I was born 04-14-1988 @ 4:44 and i have 4 letters in my name. My first phone # at age 4 was 586-4044. the number 4 describes my style and personality. The # 14 means unexpected and when my mom had me it was unexpected because I’m the youngest of 9. I am a devout christian who is always asking Jesus to guide me in life. I ask him questions like what is my purpose and what is it that u want for me to do in the year that I’m in. The crazy thing about all of this, is the fact that i had a dream of $500 and$9800. Not only that, before I had that dream i was pumping gas at the gas station and i just so happened to look at the pump, and it said $5.oo and under that 2009. I believe this triggered something in my spirit. causing me to dream that dream and for these double digit #’s to appear. God is talking and I am listening. This is a good thing! Fear is not of God, but of the devil.

  20. I see the number 1019 everywhere. I see it on the clock…10:19. When I purchase something… $10.19. In someone’s birthdate 10/19/????, In a date, it doesn’t matter where or what I’m doing, I may see it up to 3 times a day…some months it will go away…and then come back strong…i try to ingnore it because I’m afraid that the meaning could be negative….like the day I will pass, or time something bad will occur…I get a negative feeling with it…but then, I feel like something is trying to get my attention…please help thanks

  21. I see mainly 44(4:44) or 22(2:22) and sometimes 33(3:33). When I see them, they seem to be in groups like seeing 44 for a few days, then it will switch to 33 ect. I don’t know how this works because, like others stated, I will just look at the clock and it will be 3:44, 5:44 ect every time. If this is just mental, I don’t know how your brain would know when it is this time automatically. I know that I am not looking at the clock all the time, looking for certain numbers. For instance, I got :44 probably about 8 times today….and 33 around 4. I’ve also woke up at 4:44 in the morning for no reason. I also see it on phone numbers and zip codes ect.
    I am going to keep a thought journal of what I think about and see if it relates to seeing the numbers right after. For instance I’ll think about my boyfriend, then see 4:44 right after as an example and see how it relates to me.

  22. Thank you everyone, I was wondering that maybe I had programed myself to just automatically wake up or look at the odometer, or any number pattern and just see doubles, triples, etc. I am a true believer in Christ for everything. I have been searching since my 33rd birthday.
    Around my 33rd birthday on 7-11-09, I woke up at 3:33 three times. When I shared w/my friend, she reminded me of Jeremiah 33:3-call on Me and I will answer you things unsearchable. So guess what I asked. Why am I seeing doubles/triples?
    I prayed and then opened the Bible and closed my eyes and just placed my finger down on the page. I read. The King David’s 3 Mighty Men with the 30 captains killed 300 with the spear. my name Geraldine >Gerald >means spear ruler.
    1 Chronicles 11:11
    this is the list of David’s mighty men: Jashobeam, a Hacmonite, was chief of the officers ; he raised his spear against three hundred men, whom he killed in one encounter.
    Yeah I was totally wowed!
    BTW: I have twin daughters.
    I sometimes do go to a quite place or i keep note of the time, then wait for a few words that I can just sense. It’s always good. I feel blessings and direction. I’m obedient, but also discerning. I am researching what other people say because I feel this is a good direction. And here I find you all.
    God Bless
    Geraldine G.

  23. This is just what I have learned over 20 years of seeing double numbers
    When I start seeing them I feel I am moving up a level in consciousness. Alot of new information comes in and once its downloaded the numbers go away until the next shift. (It has never been a negative experience but it can be irritating if you let it or you can just go with the flow
    This happens more to those that in numerology are master numbers like myself,I am a 22 and Leigh (above post) gave her full birthdate of 1/1/1991 which breaks down to 1+1+20= 22
    the master numbers are 11,22,33,44,55
    Look into numerology and see if it helps assist you on your path.break it down like this
    My birthday:12/30/1960

  24. i need help peaople , every time i look to my watch, i see doubles like 03:03 or 19:19 and i’m going crazy .I don’t know if it’s bad or good ? what does it means ? please i ned an answer .
    my e-mail is ramyrez1@hotmail.com

  25. Thank you posting about double numbers.I am first time figuring out that person lik me also see same kind number phenomenon and tries to interpret always.What i always see is numbers 11.22,11.33,11.44,12.21,3.33,2.22,1.22 etc kind of combinations.my birth date is also something lik this 24/06/1986 (2+4,0+6,1+9+8+6 =6)but i wht i am coulnot able to figure out is the dual numbers.I wanna know exact meaning of these numbers.Can someone help me in sorting out this

  26. Hi,
    Ever since this guy came into my life I’ve been seeing double numbers. I even had a dream about him before I even knew his name or face. A few incidents kept trying to bring him into my life. Now all I see is double numbers everywhere especially if my mind seems to drift to him. I didn’t know what this all meant. I could really use some guidance, I’d appreciate any help. I’ve been seeing 1010 1212 1111 333 222 444. Sometimes I wake up exactly at those times 222, 333, 444, and 555. Went to a game the other night and the whole trip down on clocks, signs, and even on the scoreboard all double numbers.

  27. Numerology – the science of the spiritual nature of numbers and their meanings – is but one way we can begin to become aware of the mysteries of life. If you are truly interested, go ahead and investigate Numerology, but find yourself a serious source, don’t content yourself with the first explanation of Numerology that you come across. Keep searching and you will find. This is a very deep science from which we can learn a great deal about ourselves and our life’s path.

  28. That is a really excellent read for me! Must admit that you simply are one among the most useful bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this informative article.

  29. Hi Daria,

    ever since my dad died in 2008 i have been seeing double digits everywhere particularly on my clock, on receipts, text messages etc. it worried me at first……..i found myself in a lot of trouble but now i am growing to love it. when ever i find myself a little confused about life or distracted i will see double digits which wake me up and i hear myself go”shoot what the hell am i doing back to reality etc”. i started to do my prayers after i got myself out of trouble and the double digits kinda reduced; thats when i knew i was on the right track doing the right thing!! this was the first time i was complete with myself since my dad passed away. but the double digits r back?? i want to know daria r they back for the same reason, do i need to pray harder or for another reason?? i definately feel much more spirtually awaken now!! but still a bit shakey on the double digits at the moment!
    write back

    • Thanks for sharing, billi. I love how the double numbers helped you get back on track — that’s a great example of what I mean when I say that you have to figure out what they mean to YOU. You figured it out and created healing from it!

      I feel like you’ve made a shift and the double numbers mean a somewhat different thing now. Still a wakeup and take notice alert… When you see them ask yourself what you can do to let go of baggage or old beliefs? You may be making an assumption that isn’t true.

      Let me know,

  30. wow i have the same problem i keep seein double nummbers like 1:11, 2:22, 5:55 ect,ect i can’t make out what it really means, cause last time i see double numbers i was goin to have a baby lol, then again with my second son lol, but im still seein the numbers and i know this time im not havein another one so what does it mean i really need to know.

  31. Thank you so much for all this information. It’s very helpful. I too have seeing double digits for the past few weeks. it’s very exciting and I look forward to it revealing whatever needs to be revealed.

  32. HI All,

    Just stumbled onto this blog and I have also seen repeating numbers for quite some time. It began with digital clocks, but has since moved onto to other areas. I currently see double digits, when ever I open a post on the forum that I write for. Anyway here is a site that I have found that may be of assistance to some.
    Have a look all the way down the page and you will find the multiple number meanings.
    Love and Light

  33. I always see 11:11. I now understand what it means for me. I now help ex-offenders and people who have had serious issues in their lives.

  34. What does it mean when I keep seeing the numbers 111 (or 444, 333 and so on)?
    Very often, our angels communicate with us by causing us to look up just in time to see a clock or license plate with a certain number sequence such as 111. When we notice that we keep seeing the same number sequence repeatedly, we begin to wonder whether it means something. And if so, what does it mean? Doreen has expanded on this topic in two of her books, Healing with the Angels and Angel Numbers. (See Our Bookstore for details)


  35. This is likely the most important information you would come across with regards to this phenomenon.

    Bear in mind first and foremost that seeing (unique) numbers has to do with what you are thinking about when you see them.

    My feedback is based on my personal experiences.

    Question: seeing twin or dual number such as 01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 04:04, 05:05, 06:06, 07:07, 08:08, 09:09, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 13:13…….and so on.

    Answer: I’m not sure yet, for this one.

    Question: seeing mirror numbers such as 10:01, 20:02, 30:03 and so on.

    Answer: Implementing what you are thinking about will yield little results or will be of little significance.

    on the other hand, mirror numbers like,
    01:10, 02:20, 03:30, 04:40 and so on implies that what you are thinking about at the present time will yield significant results if implemented (thus, it is worth pursuing)

    Question: seeing numbers such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and so on

    Answer: this numbers indicate that what you are thinking about will be impossible to undertake or accomplish at the time you have intended/planned for. The higher the number the more impossible it will be for you to accomplish what you were thinking about at the time you saw the number.

    I believe seeing lower numbers like 1:11 and 2:22 indicate that you can accomplish what you are thinking later on in the day or probably the next day but never at the time you have planned. Higher numbers 3:33, 4:44 and so on simply mean, abandon that idea/thought. You may never be able to accomplish that thought or it may take a very very very very long time to accomplish it.

    you may email me @tpsolver@gmail.com for clarification.

  36. What’s up, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this article. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  37. Hi, I noticed the time was 14:14 again and decided to google as it has become a regular occurrence of noticing double and mirrored numbers since early this year. My most frequent is 22. I was born 30 03 77 my name in numerology boils down to the number 3, as does my birth date so I guess 3 is important somehow? I have pretty much had a roller coaster life and have never felt completely settled. I long for inner peace but don’t have a clue how to find it…………..

  38. Ps…I have seen 2 peoples auras and a blue light around my cat

  39. hi,
    i have a question that from past few months i m seeing double numbers like 11:11, 01:01 or 05:05 in clock or in my computer. i dont know why it’s happening to me, is there any reason or its just my mind showing me these numbers daily. please help me.

  40. Hey my name is Mat i’m 14 years old and the numbers 12 and 21 are following me it all started in 6th grade i’m in 9th now i was siting at my lunch table and i saw the girl I liked at the time her she had her soccer sweater on her number was 21 I thought that was weird and cool because my baseball number was 12 and 12 had always been my favorite number later that day I found out it was her birth day January 2nd, and that’s when i started noticing them my address had the numbers my best friend was born on September 21st I started to wake up in the middle of the night look at the clock and it would be 12:21 1:21 and 3:12 this doesn’t happen very often any more but on new years in 7th grade I was at my best friends house and somehow the numbers came up and he mentioned the end of the world I don’t believe all that crap but I thought it was weird that the date was 12-21-12 and I started to freak out. The numbers are every where we live in the 21st century my second best friends birthday is on march 12th my birth day is on April 24th witch isn’t really relevant time is split up into 12 hours I could go on and on I just want to know what they mean someone please reply I have been living with these things and I just can’t get them out of my head