More fun with multiple numbers EVERYWHERE

After much debate, I just signed up for a development program for my healer's group.  It was an issue of expense and progress vs. slow and steady by myself.  Finally I pushed the button, after checking for that "yes, yes, yes" feeling again.  It was still there. 

In the numbers on the receipt, I found meaning.  First, my email receipt came back with the time "10:31 pm", my birthday, and as I mentioned in the last post, always a "go Daria!" message from the Universe for me.  After stressing over the decision, I had a good chuckle over that one. 

Then the receipt itself listed the time as March (3) 22, 23:31:13.  (Must be on Eastern US time.)  I have to say, 322233113  is a pretty fun number!  Looking at the digits themselves, another layer of meaning says a new opportunity is opening, recently planted efforts are beginning to sprout and manifest in a huge way, and all the help I need is around me, cheering me on.

What messages are out there for you?