How to pray without praying

Does the idea of “praying” make you uncomfortable?  That doesn’t make the process less powerful.

For thousands of years sages have recommended spending time each day in prayer, or even living your entire life as a prayer, so you might suspect it has a spiritual benefit.  Anything with a spiritual benefit translates into a potential mental, emotional, relationship, or physical benefit, too.  Without consuming chemicals — and it’s free.

Sounds good to me.

So what is praying and how can we get this done without invoking discomfort or unpleasant childhood memories of formal religion?  It starts with getting into a quiet and comfortable space.  Try your favorite chair.  I like to close my eyes, but you don’t have to.

This is not meditation: meditation is listening.  Praying or not-praying is talking — to your conscience, your subconsious and to the Universe at large, or to God if you like to put it that way (I happen to, but it’s not necessary).  I see prayer as a type of visualization or manifestation.  It actually has been proven to have results in many studies,* and it carries an energy that can be perceived by some people.**

You don’t have to address anyone.  By getting into a relaxed appreciative state, your thoughts automatically go out in a preaddressed, prepaid envelope to the right place.

Step 1.   I start with appreciating what I have or what has happened to me recently.  Anything and everything.  “Thanks that was a fun and great movie last night; I appreciate my car starting every morning; I love my beautiful children, my house, my collection of space rocks, my pet werewolf Fluffy…”  Whatever you can think of that brings up a genuine positive emotion.  That will get you in a good space for the next phase of our not-praying: visualizing.

Step 2.  What would you love for to happen?  Your Aunt Bertha to recover from her hip fracture?  Your company to grow and expand even in recession?  For someone to find a way to clean up toxic environmental waste?  Use your imagination but make sure what you are asking for is not selfish and gives you the warm fuzzies.  Ask for things that help those around you.  Remember that the sages also say that you are everything and everything is you, so wishing your annoying neighbor would drop dead is not in your personal best interest.

Some holy texts encourage us to pray constantly — to be in this state all the time.  Can you do that?  Wouldn’t it be a fun, mind-bending experiment to walk around for one day constantly in appreciation of every little thing (“thank you for this clean toilet flushing and the cool feeling of the clean water on my hands and for this soap dispenser being full…”) while also visualizing the best outcome of everything you do (“I love that my 9:00 meeting will start on time and end early and that I will surprise myself with how much writing I do today…”).

Here’s one teeny-tiny catch:  you have to completely ignore when the actual outcome doesn’t match your not-praying visualization.  That’s not the point.  The point is to practice expecting it.  Praying, or not-praying, is a powerful exercise for your mind that actually opens you up to greater potential. You might find after about five minutes that your mind is quite flabby and out of practice of expecting the best.  Hmm.  Better fix that!  Try again.  Get back on that horse!

This exercise can keep you in that uplifting state of mind I describe with the technical term of “magical”.  Others call it a state of divine Grace.

Try it.  I dare you.  And let me know how it goes.

*For info about results from prayer, try any Larry Dossey book, especially Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, available at amazon through this link.
**Read Dannion Brinkley’s At Peace in the Light, where he describes being in a severe pain from an aneurysm and could see and feel when a number of people started praying for him.  Other documentation of this phenomenon lies in many, many other books.  Go find ’em.

  1. Hi, Daria,
    Bravo! Keep it coming!
    Great blog!

  2. Daria – -I love this. As you know it’s resonating a great deal for me right now. The whole “letting go of the outcome” but you’re right, so very right, the Universe is complete and perfect and so am I. So whatever comes is exacatly right, even if it wasn’t what I was wanting/expecting.
    Also, thanks for sharing that you’ve got an Innovative Healer at home. I’m thinking of including more of that in the blogs…

  3. Your blog piece on praying reminded me of this video called “A Good Day” that I came across recently:
    Always so much to be thankful for, thankfully! 🙂