How to find that “something” that’s missing

Do you feel cut off from the Universe in some hard-to-describe way?  Feel there’s something missing you can’t name, or that you should be doing… something else?  Even when we have a great situation (job, love interest, home, friends), many of us feel “empty” in some unidentifiable way.  Ugh.

Guess what.  You feel like you’re missing something because you are!  We are multidimensional beings squeezed into this strange 4-dimensional existence.  There’s a whole lot of you (and the Universe) that you can’t see, yet you feel connected do.  You must learn to find and tap into this — it is the rest of yourself.

Today’s way of living, however, has severed us from that vast, knowing part of ourselves that has so many names:  intuition, our higher self, inner guidance, our divinity and oneness.  It’s your full-potential, multi-dimensional Self. 

As children, we are totally connected to this natural part of us, but we are too often trained out of that connection.  (“Stop imagining that!”  “No it isn’t!”  etc.)  We begin to doubt ourselves and stop listening.  As adults we walk around like an empty shell wondering what’s missing.  The answer is: we are! 

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, however, you have had this connection to your higher self all along.  All you have to do is reopen it.  You can tap it! 

Here are two powerful ways to start:

(1) By paying attention to the nudges and hunches you feel.  They may not hit you as full-fledged logical thoughts, often just “a feeling”.  Follow them — start testing how accurate they are.  This will help you discern between thoughts and intuitions.  I find intuition is right 100% of the time.  Thoughts… enh, pretty good but not so much.

(2) Learn to master your mind.  For just five minutes whenever you can get it, still your mind.  Utter silence.  An easy way to do this is to focus on something gentle and repetitive like your breathing or repeating the same words over and over like “I am”.  If a thought occurs, simply acknowledge it and let it float away.  Get into a neutral place where you can observe your mind and get to know it.  Then you can recognize the difference between mind chatter and Messages. 

Remember: your mind is just a tool you have — it is not who you are!   It’s your job to manage it and reach your full Potential.

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  1. Great article!
    I love the Dorothy analogy!
    I had a FANTASTIC time with you the other day, I will email you soon!