Bunnies stopped by for a little healing this morning

This morning there were two young rabbits sitting on our front lawn straight out from the front door.  The kids watched them  a while.  They were fairly fearless, and didn't move far, wiggled their noses and watched the kids back.  After breakfast, three of them were sitting out there, in plain sight, watching us watching them.  Even when the babysitter arrived, they didn't go far and were soon right back there waiting outside the front door.  They'd been there more than an hour when I paused to say hi on my way to the computer.  I heard a high squeaky voice in my head say, "We came to see you," and I laughed to myself, thinking I was really imagining things now.  (I hear messages but never in a high squeaky voice!)

Then one of them, who seemed to be in charge, ran toward another, chased it around a little loop and when they stopped, facing me this time, I could see the other's left front leg was lame.  It was smaller than the right and he held it up across the other leg when sitting.  The three of them sat there looking right at me so, what can ya do, I raised my hands and let Reconnective Healing flow.  After about three minutes, the one in charge extracted one more hidden in the garden right by the house and the four of them ran off around back (their home is in the neighbor's yard behind us). 

How interesting was that!  My second nonhuman client in two days.  Yesterday I read about some trouble down the road in Lake Monona.  As I read I became aware of Reconnective Healing flowing from my hands, so I went with it, imagined Lake Monona and let the light and information flow into the water.  After a while I realized it was going to the fish in the lake.  I wonder if those fish are telling tales on me!

Did you know you can look up the meaning of animals you see, or think about their attributes and how that wisdom applies to your life?  Have you had any interesting encounters with the animal kingdom recently? 

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  1. I love the work you do. One of my callings is definitely doing something with animals and this post really spoke to me.
    Yes, I have amazing encounters with crittes all day, every day it seems. Lately chipmunks have been all around — after many years of never seeing one! Your post reminded me to pull out my books and see what chipmunks are all about. And of my 6 books on animals as guides there was only one that mentioned chipmunk (Animal Spirit Guids by Steven D. Farmer, PhD)
    When I was visiting my parents two weeks ago I saw a total of 7 rabbits — one who came right up to me at WaterCountryUSA out of one of the gardens there! and we also saw a BIG snapping turtle.
    thanks for the reminder to check in with my animal guides.