Triple play of the most useless statement ever

AAAARGH!  I heard it again!  Three times in a week.  (Thanks for the comic relief, Universe.)  Not to bias you or anything, but it's one of the most useless comments I hear.  You might as well announce: "I don't understand spiritual evolution, I don't see how to get unstuck, I don't want to change, and I want to feel better about how miserable I am." 

I mean it's like if a sheep ate all the grass in a field down to the dirt and there was an even nicer field just over the stream, but they kept making up stories about why it was a bad idea to go over there.  "It's too far, too much work, I'd have to get wet, it would be boring to enjoy all that nice grass when I can scrounge in the dirt over here and half starve."  Meanwhile, they overgraze and trample what's left of their grass and make things even worse.

Oh, did I forget to tell you the statement?  It's this: "Perfection would be so BORING."  or "Enlightenment doesn't sound like much fun."

Want to know the secret to spiritual evolution?  It's like peeling an infinite onion.  When you climb the spiritual mountain you are on, it is yours forever.  Yet it never gets boring because beyond that is the next mountain, a little higher or steeper but if it is your path, then by definition you can do it.  The Universe never gives you more than you can handle.  (Which is not to say don't get help–that may be part of the journey.)  And when you step out of being defensive and resisting change, when you step into opening to abundance and having constant FUN with your life, then the Universe will show you things on those heights so wonderful you never could have imagined them. 

That's been my story anyway.  How about yours?