Classes for Healers

Classes for Healers

Healing Methods – Learn the only two methods H2H recommends and why

Professional Development – Build the skills & mindset of a masterful healer

Personal Development – Heal yourself, awaken intuition, develop Presence

Outreach Development – Create an in-demand business that supports you

Calendar of Events


Healing Methods

Clear Being

Awakening Healing

Professional Development as a Healer, Any Method

Skills of A Master Healer

Mindset of the Master Healer

Business/Outreach (aka Marketing)

Healing as a New Business Model

Ten Principles of Outreach (Marketing) for Healers

Personal Development

Healing Thyself

Oneness Philosophy I

Oneness Philosophy II

Intuition from Bee Jimpson

About Our Faculty

Daria Astara

Bee Jimpson