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A secret about clutter: this morning’s meditation insight

My friend is putting together a class on clearing clutter, and this perennial struggle has been top of my mind.  Then this morning, my meditation gave me an unexpected insight into the piles and disorganization we call clutter. As I sat in meditation enjoying an unusually deep […]


You are so lovable… right?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a romantic partner or not, let’s ponder and honor all the things that are so lovable about you! (Get ready for a long article.) Nah, scratch that. The details don’t matter. Here’s the truth of it: You are simply loveable. You […]


My ego? Or your healing?

Last weekend someone asked to come see me for some healing. They said, “How about Monday?” I gulped. Between clients and especially on weekends, the massage therapy table in my office can become like a kitchen counter — a magnet for stuff that’s “between locations.” This time, I […]