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Welcoming Leo: Lead with Your Light

~I am that and that am I~ We roar forth into Leo today at 9:12 pm. Do you have a party invite for this weekend? Go! It’s time to cut loose. Leo is a fire sign and has much to do with the full expression of the […]


Healers — Yes, Healers

~ Daria’s Wednesday Wisdom column ~ This post is an excerpt from Gift of the Healer by Daria Boissonnas, reprinted with permission. (Book is due out by end of 2011 — stay tuned!) …The leaders and teachers I soon began studying and questioning — the ones producing unlikely […]


Is everything energy?

~ Daria’s Wednesday Wisdom column ~ There is an uplifting saying that “everything is energy.” It reminds us that nothing is solid, nothing is permanent, and anything is changeable. But technically, this statement is not true. If everything were energy, you would experience a gray canvas of […]