“I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…”

Happy Friday!  This fun song was written for a 1971 Coca-Cola TV commercial, and got so popular that the words were expanded and it was recorded by the New Seekers.  It hit #1 in the UK and #7 in the US in ’71 and ’72.

As a young child, I LOVED this song.  The Coke ad was the best part of any TV show we were watching (and that’s still my opinion about TV).  I’d sing what I could remember to myself, over and over, yearning to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony myself, whatever that meant. I had no idea, but it was inspiring and sounded like a great idea!  Hmmm.

Enjoy the flashback. (The makeup, hair & clothes are worth a peek alone!)

May you enjoy a harmonious spiritual journey that brings you ever-increasing levels of inner and outer harmony, healing, and peace.

  1. Daria, thanks for trip down memory lane. I loved this song and would sing along with the Coke commercial. I also remember being asked to lip-sync this one in a group performance. The person in charge politely asked, “Who is singing harmony?,” discovered me, and that was the end of my singing career. :)

  2. LOL!