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What’s behind the creative… I mean HEALING process?

In a vivid dream in high school, I read an article I'd written (in the dream) from a newspaper.  It was a great article, on a topic I didn't know much about.  Where did that complete, amazing and well-written article come from in my dream? What magical […]


“How did you get into healing as a skeptic?”FREE AUDIO | Interview with Daria about becoming a healer

Awaken Your Soul This Week is a radio show committed to helping you put your soul on display as you live your life purpose each and every day. Every week the show highlights experts and entrepreneurs who are living the life of their dreams BECAUSE they are living […]


3 Tips to heal your money systems at US tax time

Hello, Healers!  As we finish our tax returns here, this has been a powerful time for me to reflect on the many past money mistakes I’ve made in my healing practice.  For too many years to admit, I mismanaged and misunderstood my income and expenses.  I had no […]