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When is it OK to have a “day” job?

Deep inside, you know you’re here to serve others, to help, to support, to change life on this planet… even if you don’t mention it very often to your “normal” friends.  Maybe you even have a specific dream — art, music, teaching, massage therapy, preaching — but for now you […]


“To finish first, first you must finish.”

                    –Terri O'Connell, NASCAR driver So often when we are afraid, we sabotage our own efforts so we can stay "safe"… in the failure zone.  It can get mighty comfy here, but there is an element of pain, too, because we are not being ourselves, particularly if […]


The secret of addictions, part II: bypassing them

We already know that those of us truly addicted to certain experiences don’t get any satisfaction from them.  That’s because they are not what we are really craving.  The use of addictions is either to numb us out to our longings, or an attempt to recreate them […]