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Eagle says: “It is this easy”

By Daria Boissonnas Have you ever received exactly the right words at the right time from a guide or other loving being?  In a wonderful meditation this summer, at a time when I was stressing about getting huge projects done on time, a giant eagle came.  It […]


Your motivation: Why are you a healer?

Healers, why are you in business?  What motivates you?  Why do you practice your healing techniques and processes?  Why do you do what you do? I don’t mean why are you a healer…  For most of us, healing is what we can’t not do.  We know we […]


Share your gifts to reclaim yourself

Healer to healer, thanks so much for your patience at my absence here while I finish up my book draft.  Meanwhile, I've also been creating a program for healers to express their true purpose, to really do what they came here to do!  FIrst we identify your […]