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Out with the old, in with the Present

by Daria Boissonnas I have a spiritual teacher who says if your goldfish dies, it’s OK to be sad for a while.  If you are still sad 12 years later, something is wrong. Grief and other emotions that drag us down should eventually fade as we come […]


The truth about challenges

What challenges are you facing in your life?  Emotional, physical, situational challenge or some drama? Know this:  Pain does not ever happen to us because we “deserve” it.  That’s an erroneous, crippling belief. Pain comes from solutions struggling to emerge.  Pain happens exactly when we are ready to […]


“Hello, friend!”

A client just reminded me of this story, thought I’d share: One day late last summer I was working in the garage at the same time that my husband and my dad were putting together a window frame on the opposite side of the room.  I was […]